Company Profile

When interacting with us we promise you won’t have to move the Bismarck. We are a boutique agency who provide memorable quality real estate service. Light on our feet and carry out our instructions with confidence energy and flexibility. We involve ourselves in continuous learning & physical fitness, to ensure we bring our A game to the table. We want you to believe our promises that’s why we keep yesterdays. Our company is not tied to weird pay structures or staff lead distribution systems which we think can be fraught with risk and extra expense.

When you interact with us you will always speak with a principal, not a receptionist or Assistant. Our company believes that all circumstances are different we don’t run an outdated brand bureaucracy or a cookie cutter franchise you will not be involved with a parrot or with a chess game of clever talk or an unnominated back end agenda. we are seasoned professionals and draw on over four decades of exceptional professionals and unrivaled service providing clear experienced advice when it matters. We are licensed auctioneers and agents in both NSW and Victoria, therefore easily manage a property in Albury Wodonga and surrounds.


Why Choose Brian Phegan Real Estate

  1. Unrivalled experience integrity honesty and transparency
  2. When described by delighted customers five themes are a common recurrence in their words of praise, ”timely real estate transactions, delivery on promises made, an incredible knowledge of real estate, a real passion for his industry and commendation of his engaging character and relatable dry humour ”
  3. Brian was awarded with the prestigious title of Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Australia (FREI) for his enduring acclamation of talent and dedicated service to the real estate industry, an award title that less than 3 % of those in the real estate industry have achieved.
  4. Negotiable Commission Things have changed in the modern era of Agency, we are not bogged in the old ways or dictated to by the brand the franchise or head office, our office is run from a single desk platform in the cloud, this keeps our overheads down allows us to be where ever we are needed, with considerable savings on the old shop front format Because we are a boutique professional agency we know what works and what’s unnecessary. We can pass savings on to you with a fixed price fee
  5. Cost effective marketing where every dollar spent is a recommendation sourced at the going commercial rate passed directly to you. we know what works with state of the art marketing options to make your dollar work hardest.
  6. Feedback is vital, when you work with Brian Phegan real estate you’ll know what’s happening when it happens together with experienced advice around what that could mean going forward.
  7. When the going gets tough that’s when you will appreciate our professional experienced cool heads, with in depth knowledge of the Market, an excellent skill set and ability to negotiate for memorable results. We are driven to achieve the very best price that the market will pay with a primary focus on lowering costs. that makes us an ideal choice in any real estate transaction.

My Philosophy

Is to treat people with respect courtesy and sincerity. To listen to what is important to them then, give individualized experienced professional advice to obtain for them the best possible outcome through a genuine consultative approach. We bring our A game to the table

My Vision

Is to continue to run a real estate company of worth that delivers on it premise’s. To retain and maintain the position of a friendly face the trusted adviser so that we can serve our customers time after time.

My Mission

To run a lean intelligent professional real estate company that can provide light bulb moments for its customers assisting them to identify and maximize possibilities. We will adopt a position of continuous improvement in our skill set and find ways to make our fee represent even better value.