The Rule of 72

Friday 10 Aug 2018

This a compound interest rule It assumes that the interest earned and principal are left in the investment over time. To find out how long it will take to double the investment you devide the % return into 72 ie: a consistant return of 5% would mean 72 devided by 5 =  14.4 years to double the origional investment.

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Economic Forecast July, 2018

Thursday 09 Aug 2018

Three Takeaways. 1.  World debt has doubled in the last decade. Therefore a low interest rate environment for our future.   2. Baby boomers stop paying taxes  and begin receiving welfare. Australia needs skilled migrants.   3. While the Australian dollar is around 75c from a world perspective the world is receivig a 25% off sale when looking at Australia. We will need many more homes to accommodate a surging population.   Source: REIV Economics Forecast presenter   ....

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